Passionate Spanish flamenco guitarist, Paco Lara with a distinguished international career in Europe and Australia of more than 30 years, launches his new album-DUENDE featuring some of Spain’s best flamenco artistic collaborations, whom are all apart of Paco’s professional music career and close friends from childhood.

Lara now based in Australia since 2017, was inspired to produce his dream project, DUENDE, bringing to life his original music compositions and music created by great composers such as Jose Maria Cano, Concha Buika and Luis Bonfa, which combines the unmistakable sound of Lara’s hometown, Jerez in Andalusia Spain, the heartland of traditional flamenco and culture.

Paco Lara’s recent successes with the Andalusian Guitar Show at the Sydney Opera House and Adelaide Guitar Festival in 2021 and his 2022 national tour, are placing Lara’s flamenco flair at the top of the Australian music scene. Australian audiences will be once again captivated by his unique style from Jerez that brings fusion of contemporary flamenco music with hints of jazz and bosa nova in this new performance.

Virtuoso flamenco guitarist, Lara has toured internationally alongside some of Spain’s well-known artists, composers and maestros of flamenco in Spain. Such as the Maestro Paco Cepero (one of flamenco’s most legendary guitarists and composers), Mercedes Ruiz (dancer) and Isabel Pantoja (vocalist). In Spain, Lara also has been at the vanguard of Flamenco Fusion with hugely successful groups such as Los Delinquents, El Bario and Isabel Pantoja.

Date: Fri 9 June 2023


111 Main Road, Hepburn Springs