3ZZZ has been operating since 1989, giving voice to ethnic communities broadcasting in their own languages on 92.3 FM and DAB+ in Melbourne, and 3zzz.com.au worldwide.

3ZZZ is Australia’s largest multilingual community station represented by over 50 community groups, 60 languages, 120 programs, 500 volunteers, 3,000 members and 400,000 listeners.

3ZZZ is a not-for-profit, charity, democratic organisation, actively encouraging participation by our communities as members, volunteers, and broadcasters: https://www.3zzz.com.au/get-involved/membership/

3ZZZ is for community, by community and about community.

All 3ZZZ broadcasters are volunteers, elected by members of their community as trusted spokespeople for their community. Our broadcasters provide a vital link to language, culture, news, information, and entertainment not available on any other media service.