• George Salloum – President
  • Ico Najdovski – Vice President
  • Michael Zylberman OAM – Treasurer
  • Rajdeep Kang – Secretary
  • Orietta Wheatley
  • Seshu Babu Akula
  • Hakki Suleyman
  • Julio Altamirano
  • Jacob Haweil
  • Elias Diacolabrianos
  • Elizabeth Honey
  • Varouj Manjian


Jon King – Manager

Jon provides leadership and direction for the 3ZZZ team, achieving operational plans derived from the organisation’s strategy and making collaborative decisions focusing on successful outcomes for the organisation, its employees, volunteers and community.

Jon previously worked at the Community Broadcasting Foundation, SYN Media, City of Sydney, Blind Citizens Australia, Down Syndrome Victoria, City Precinct and Victorian Government.

“Our volunteers, members and staff come from all over the world to Melbourne to share 3ZZZ’s airwaves and facilities in harmony. These shared connections are the very definition of “community” and help us collectively fight for a more equitable and just society.

Bill develops and maintains our revenue streams, including sponsorship and new business generation.

Bill has a background in commercial media including most commercial radio stations in Melbourne, various advertising agencies and other media outlets. Bill speaks Greek, Macedonian and a little Italian.

“Culture, community and diversity in language is very important me being ethnic myself. Australia is a whirlpool of multiculturalism with so many different cultural communities that have made this great country of ours home. 3ZZZ provides the perfect media platform to all cultural communities to listen to news, information and social issues in their own language while also providing a harmonious and happy environment for all.”

Bill Paskalis – Sponsorship & Sales Manager

Gabriel D’Angelo – Production Coordinator

Gabriel produces and schedules our sponsorship, community and station announcements, and coordinates outside broadcasts to increase engagement with our communities.

Gabriel speaks Spanish, has a Diploma of Broadcasting, and has worked at 3ZZZ since 2009 leading various projects including 3ZZZ Football, broadcasting live matches and a podcast series interviewing people who from grassroots community soccer organisations that promote inclusivity and healthy physical and mental programs for their participants who are mainly from multicultural backgrounds and women.

Marilena Arfi – Membership Coordinator

Marilena administers our membership program, processing membership applications and maintaining our membership database.

Marilena speaks Italian and has worked at 3ZZZ since 2017, previously working in banking.

Theo Stavris – Bookkeeper & Administration Officer

Theo is responsible for the administration of the financial accounts of the organisation and supporting the station’s administrative needs such as Group AGMs and financial accounts.

Theo has worked at 3ZZZ since 1997 and speaks Greek. Theo is a qualified accountant and manages 3ZZZ’s finances, administration and program group governance.

Ella-Rose Chanel – Engagement Coordinator

Ella-Rose Chanel is the engagement coordinator and is responsible for 3ZZZ’s events and communications.
She has extensive experience in government and policy roles working with various government departments and ministries, including social, economic and national security.
She an advocate for inclusion and diversity. Currently studying psychology and is passionate about mental particularly brain and behaviour. Ella-Rose is Zimbabwean and speaks Shona.

Ranjiv BhanReceptionist

Ranj is manages reception and administration duties on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Ranj once worked in aviation security for 15 years and has plenty of stories to tell about his time screening passengers and their baggage. He also has a strong background in community radio having spent a lot of time at 3WBC 94.1fm in Box Hill, Victoria. There he announced their Hindi program and even performed music himself for their multicultural end of year event. Ranj speaks Hindi.

Rebecca Maakasa – Podcast Coordinator

Rebecca helps volunteers to create 3ZZZ’s podcast series like Stories of Community Resilience, and other training opportunities. Rebecca comes from SYN Media, a youth broadcaster in Melbourne where she works as a producer and trainer. Rebecca has a keen interest in media, and education and enjoys training broadcasters to empower them to create and share their stories. You can say hello to Rebecca when she is in the 3ZZZ office on Mondays and Wednesdays. Rebecca speaks some Formal Arabic and Levantine Dialect Arabic.

“Community media is a tapestry of ideas and people from all different background. 3ZZZ helps to highlight perspectives and stories that might otherwise be hidden in other aspects of media and society.”

Moemina Shukur – The Wire Daily Producer & 3ZZZ News and Training Coordinator

Moemina Shukur is a journalist who has joined the station as the Daily Producer for The Wire and the News and Training Coordinator for 3ZZZ.

Every Tuesday, she operates from the 3ZZZ station, overseeing the production of The Wire and is responsible for the multilingual news services.

Moemina’s passions include journalism, multimedia, and training the community to share their stories. She also speaks Turkish.

Lara Soulio – Live Music Coordinator