If your business or organisation wants to reach the many culturally diverse communities across Melbourne, you should join 3ZZZ as a Sponsor.

3ZZZ is for community, by community and about community.

We broadcast in over 50 languages – people listen when you speak to them in their language.

All 3ZZZ broadcasters are volunteers, elected by members of their community as trusted spokespeople for their community. Our broadcasters are your independent, alternative, local voices in the media.

You won’t find this level of trust in other media organisations.

Our website and social media audiences are engaged and active people fighting for the rights of their community.

Our team will collaborate with you to produce high-quality radio announcements in multiple languages.

By joining 3ZZZ as a Sponsor, you are showing you care about multicultural Melbourne – you love our diversity of languages, food, sport, music, arts and coffee.

Your message will be heard loud and clear on 3ZZZ.

We have a range of sponsorship packages to suit your campaign, ranging from:

  • $40-80 per spot for short term campaigns.
  • $1,200 per year ($100 per month) for not-for-profits and small businesses.
  • $5,000-25,000 per year ($400-$2,000 per month) for bigger businesses and local government.

For more information on our available sponsorship packages, contact 3ZZZ’s Sponsorship Coordinator, Bill Paskalis, via email [email protected] or call 0456094972.

3ZZZ reserves the right to decline sponsor offers and modify announcements to meet station policy and the Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice.