Neighbours Cafe Community Mural

Anthony Breslin is a prominent Australian visual and performance artist. He and the owner of Neighbours
Cafe, Dominic Kurian have joined together to launch Breslin’s newest public landmark mural inspired by the
St. Kilda spirit. Breslin is assisted by Valentina Rizzo and produced by director Robert Chuter.

‘St-Kaleidoscopia’ will be launched on Saturday, 2nd September 2023 at 3.30pm sharp at
Neighbours Cafe, 42 Chapel Street, St. Kilda East.

Breslin’s career spans over three decades in a myriad of creative and artistic pursuits including painting,
performance, poetry, design, and production. After battling blood cancer and surviving a bone marrow
transplant, Breslin, now terminally ill, has refocused on his visual art, drawing, and painting roots.
Formally trained in Fine Arts at RMIT Breslin embarked on a life-long journey of creativity, including
over sixty solo, public installations and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, an art opera,
theatre, films, and music. He is passionate about working with the community, marginalised groups and
schools to build an awareness of the importance of belonging and rites of passage.

Neighbours Cafe is the friendliest neighbourhood hangout in St. Kilda. The former milk bar has
transformed into a happy haven of delicious breakfast/brunch offerings with an Israeli twist, and the
best coffee. Drop in and venture into the back courtyard to enjoy the communal vibe and the sunshine.

For further information: Alan Rance | [email protected] | 0432327780

Date: Sat 2 September 2023

42 Chapel Street, St. Kilda East