Dardalis Archives Research Seminar Series 2023 – Talk 2 Sotiris Hatzimanolis

“Neos Kosmos” newspaper is undoubtedly one of the largest ethnic newspapers in the world, having been in existence for 66 years.

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper, Sotiris Hatzimanolis, in his speech, will unfold the thread of its history, which was founded in the difficult early years of the great wave of post-war Greek migration to Australia, as well as its significant milestones: from the communal meals organized by the newspaper for unemployed immigrants in the 1960s, to the major anti-dictatorship struggle during the Greek military junta and its contribution to multiculturalism.

He will also talk about the newspaper’s adaptation to new realities and the changes that have occurred in the way news is written, presented, and highlighted concerning the Greek community, without, however, changing its core principles.

Date: Wed 14 June 2023

Website: https://www.greekcommunity.com.au/events/greek-newspapers-in-australia-a-history-of-neos-kosmos

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