This Trivia Night is being held to raise much needed funds to encourage and empower Women, Open Age & Gender and Juniors to the sport of Bocce.

Our Juniors will be representing Victoria 20-21 May at the Redlands Bocce Club in Brisbane Queensland and they need your encouragement and support to get them to those Nationals. The funds raised on this evening will assist with costs of uniforms, travel and accommodation for the Junior Team.

The funds will also be assisting with creating programs and endorsing our Women and Open League to encourage a more inclusive sport where we can have more inclusive Pennant Competitions and social activities.

Our aim is to have three (3) of our established clubs (Veneto Club, Furlan Club & Casa D’Abruzzo) become host to an open Age & Gender inclusive competition where once a year the point leaders will host a Perpetual Cup.

To do this we need your assistance to raise funds for uniforms and bocce balls and hosting these events.

Date: Sat 29 April 2023


Furlan Club, 1 Matissi Street, Thornbury

Phone: 0394840477