Selamat Datang ke halaman Radio 3ZZZ Malaysia Broadcasting Group, juga dikenali dengan Suara Melayu Melbourn (SMM). Kami telah berkumandang secara lansung dari studio selama 30 tahun dari tahun 1989. Siaran kami berkumandang dari Melbourne, Victoria ke seluruh Australia dan ke serata dunia.

The 3ZZZ Malaysia Broadcasting Group, also known as Suara Melayu Melbourne (SMM), which means the Voices of the Malay Community in Melbourne, has been serving listeners for nearly 30 years since its formation in 1989. The group has built strong connections with audiences in Melbourne, across Australia, and around the world through its internet live broadcast and recorded programs.

Over the years, SMM has consistently provided a range of support for the Malay community, including entertainment, informative and educational programs. This includes keeping listeners updated with contemporary and traditional Malay music, dedications, talk shows, news (both local and overseas), press release announcements, and sharing selected passages from famous books. SMM also facilitates community connections through events such as annual Radiothon shows, dinners, and luncheons.

Tune in to our on-air sessions, call us in the live session or via 3ZZZ Facebook live chat to join the conversation. Our program is live Every Sunday, from 10.00 PM to 11.00 PM

Programs: Suara Melayu Melbourne (SMM)

  • Discussion of community engagement with contemporary Malay music, syair (Malay
    Poetry), Malay folk songs and stories. Discussion on women
    empowerment, including guests.
    A session with DJ Mac (Madkhul Sani) & DJ Yasmin (Dr Raja Yasmin)
  • Program featuring arts, design, music, education, and empowering youth
    A session with DJ Nurul (Dr. Zainurul Rahman)
  • Focus on business, entrepreneur, and sports
    A session with DJ Kathy Ryan (Kathy Ryan)
  • Special segments on guest to-nite and sharing selected passages form
    famous books, including stories from Nusantara.
    A session with DJ Raihan (Raihan Nawawi), DJ Hazelman dan DJ Sujak (Dr. Sujak)

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