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Siegfried Sundermann (Deputy Convener)
Siggi certainly has the gift of the gab and is always joking around – that is what he is known for, apart from riding a motorcycle! Since 1993 he amuses listeners every 1st Thursday morning with the German Club News. As deputy convener he is an immense help to Dieter Schwab and the Team.

Tune in when he is on air every 1st Thursday morning 9:00am to 11:00am.

Wolfgang Zopf (Treasurer) and Dieter Schwab (Convener)
Wolfgang joined the German Broadcasting Team at 3ZZZ in 2008. Dieter joined the team many many years ago. They love to play music from the ‘50s to the ‘90s combined with a few hits from today. However, you can always call in to suggest a song – they try to accommodate your music wishes as much as possible. Both will inform you with upcoming events in the German Community.

Tune in when they’re on air every 3rd Thursday from 9:00am to 11:00am.
Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7pm – Wolfgang and Dieter bring you the same style Music as their Thursday Program and sometimes with a modern twist…

Rudi Vanderstraeten (Program Administrator)
Rudi joined the German broadcasting team in 2014. He is on air every 2nd Thursday, alternating with Siegfried, Wolfgang and Dieter, from 9am to 11am he brings you news from the German clubs in and around Melbourne. Being born in Nuremberg, Bavaria, you can look forward to traditional and classic music mixed with a few modern touches. It’s best to tune in yourself! Rudi is always ready to help the German Broadcasting Team where ever needed.

Tune in when he is on air every 2nd Thursday morning 9:00am to 11:00am.
If a month has 5 Mondays, you can enjoy at 7pm – Rudi’s Opera / Operetta and Musical Program.

Uwe Jacobs
Uwe joined the German broadcasting 2018. He is on air every second Monday of the month from 7 to 8 pm. The show is known for its mixed music, from oldies to the latest hits. As Uwe loves to cook, he is always happy to share his latest recipe. His show doesn’t follow one topic in particular, but Uwe is always on the lookout to provide happy and positive content. It’s definitely worth tuning in! Past Convener

All about Life with Inci Kaylan, Florienne Loder
Inci, Florienne have joined the German broadcasting team in 2018. In their show “All about life” there is nothing what they won’t talk about. Life topics from the cradle to the grave are served here friendly and easy. Listen to modern German music. It´s interactive: every topic can also be talked about in a special German discussion group. Make sure you tune in and listen every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Die Wellenreiter – Angie, Nadia und Karin
Angi, Nadja and (occasionally) Karin are ‘The Surfers on your Wavelength’, on air on the first Tuesday night of every month, and easily recognized by their intro song ’Die Wellenreiter’ (‘The Surfers’) by Sportfreunde Stiller. They may have started out some 15 years ago as the ‘youth show’, but even now, they present a program that is fun and aimed firmly at the young at heart! Their favourite topics are not only movie and book reviews, but also the latest events in Germany and Melbourne, plus intriguing guests and interviews, and any quirky news from the German-speaking world that they can find! And it’s all interspersed with a broad range of German-language music – from pop to alternative, through folk-rock, rap and right out there to songs sung in dialects, Swiss-German and Austrian. Get on board with the Surfers!

Bernd Merkel (Secretary)
Bernd joined the German broadcasting Team at 3ZZZ in 2017. His biggest passion is any kind of sport, in particular soccer and the Australian A-League, where he often interviews German players and coaches. He also has a background in Neuroscience (Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis), but loves to have guests in the show to talk about all different topics in life. His preferred music is both modern and 80s-90s, he is also a soccer expert for SBS and has a weekly TV show on channel 31 (Melbourne, Geelong).

Gary Rosch
Gary is playing Ska,Punk,Reggae and New Wave. He is always looking for unique Songs.

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