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Our guest Nora, from Malaysia unpacks an analogy for empowerment and self-esteem – that is, the genius inside one-self that is waiting to come out and share its talents!

Nora is a coach, trainer and facilitator with a focus on Career Transition Work. 

You can follow Nora’s work via her website here.

Produced by Dr. Yasmin Raja. You can connect with Yasmin and follow her projects on LinkedIn.


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Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:00:25] Okay. So hello, everyone, again. Today we are going to have a very special guest. So she’s all the way from Malaysia. So I really hope that we can do it face to face. Anyway, I’m glad with the technology and everything, so I managed to connect with her. I would like to introduce actually, she’s my very, very good friend. Also, I think we kind of like lost contact, I think for about 19 years and then all of a sudden with the will of Allah. So we met again in Melbourne and this is my beautiful friend Noora Mohammad Noor. So welcome. Noora Welcome to this episode.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:01:05] Thank you, Yasmin. Thank you for having me here.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:01:08] You are so welcome. So I’m super excited. You know what we’re going to share today, and I’m sure that it will give a lot of values and benefits to the listeners today. So, Nora, you are a career transition and life alignment coach. Yes. Yeah, because I remember long time ago, we were like working together. Yeah. So both of us were like very passionate when it comes to, you know, like, sharing knowledge. And both of us were actually a trainer and one of the company back home in Malaysia. So I’m glad that I have that experience working together with you. Such an amazing woman, You know, like you are very, very knowledgeable. And yeah, I’ve seen how you do all those trainings and so on. So I’m glad that we have we are connected again. So I’m just curious, Nora, because you have been running trainings and workshops, so for, for many, many years. I’m just curious, what makes you decided to transition into being a career transition and life alignment coach?

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:02:05] I’m still training, actually. Yasmin from time to time was a trainer for a long time until I realized that there’s more that I want to do out there. And in that time there was this buzzword coaching and whatnot. You know, it’s like, what’s coaching all about? So I thought, maybe this is something I want to explore. So I just put my intention out there, you know, okay, uh, I want to be a coach, but how do I get to be a coach? Um, till I think 2015, an opportunity came for me. Um, I was asked if I want to go for an interview for a career transition consultant coach. I thought, okay. So I thought that was really a coaching coaching thing, but it was more consulting. But we can incorporate coaching inside as well. So that was 2015. So seven years now I’ve been doing this work and over 100 hours of coaching people in career transition.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:03:01] So, so who are actually your, your audience? You know, when, when you are into this career transition and life alignment coach.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:03:09] Okay. It’s the career transition is basically for people in the corporate world who are retrenched. So they lose their job. Okay. So in transition, um, many companies over the seven years and. Some of them come back to me later on because they’re not happy with the job or they’re not above. They’re not sure if it’s a fit. So they come back and realize that there are more to career transition than just, Hey, you know, I want to move from work A or point A to point B in between. There’s the journey. There’s a lot of emotion as well. Like, um, you know, um. Is this the right job for me? Will they pay me the pay grade that I’m asking for? You know? Will my family be okay with it? So these are the people that I actually coach or consult.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:04:03] Right? Yeah. So guess that’s the reason why, as you were mentioning today, just now, like you’re saying that I can do more, I guess throughout that process, you know, like I understand being a trainer, you know, like it’s, it’s something it’s just like just sharing knowledge. But when you transition into being a coach and so on, it’s like different level, you know, like you still have that knowledge, but you experience it in a different journey, isn’t it?

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:04:30] Yes, so true. Because when I do workshops or training, it’s usually not the topic that I want to deliver because I attached to training providers. So they’ll give me a topic. But I always try to bring an element of personal development into it, you know, so that like, yeah, yeah. So when that goes in, you know, when that goes in it helps them understand how they can be better or what, you know, observe themselves. So I still do that. I still do that from time to time. Oh, and I also do, um, interview and resume workshops right in the capacity right now. Yeah. Mhm.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:05:06] Wow. Amazing. For many, many years you’ve been doing that and you’re very passionate with it. Well done to you, Nora. Well done. So I’ve seen your journey, you know how you progress and so on. And now I can see how much you, you actually contribute and help so many people out there. So. Nora, today’s topic is so, so interesting. So when you gave the topic, I was like, Huh, what does that mean? So guess like the listeners might be like very curious as well, including myself. Um, um, the topic is about Genie in the Bottle, so this is very, very interesting. And I can see that you are so metaphorical about, you know, this, this concept of genie in the bottle. I guess you are the one who can explain what is it actually means and how that relates in terms of, you know, your own journey.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:05:54] Okay. Before I answer your question, Doctor, you asked me what you think of the when you heard the title Genie in the Bottle.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:06:01] Love that question. Yeah. I feel like someone is stuck. Someone is stuck inside something that is so, um, so close and, you know, you just couldn’t get out from it. So I can feel that that that suffocation, the feeling of suffocated, you know, like and also the feeling, you know, that, that that’s darkness. And then, um, the feeling of yelling out, trying to get help. Is that connected to.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:06:32] Yeah. I think we all grew up with a lot of fairy tales, you know, Snow White, La Robin Hood and stuff like that. And, you know, in those fairy tales you will see think Aladdin with the, uh, lamp. Okay. But I call it a bottle lamb. You know where the genie is? Inside there, and you just rub the lamb and the genie comes down and grants you three wishes. After that, the genie disappears back into the lamp. Okay, so that’s what we all know about genies. But what I want to talk about today is that time that not the one that grants wishes, but the kind that holds your brilliance, that traps you inside. So when you use the word trap votolato because we are, we have potential. Okay, So it’s actually genius in a bottle because you’re trapped. Because you have all brilliance. Because we don’t know that we are creative, that we’re talented because of a lot of a lot of things around us as we grew up our childhood, you know, into our youth, into our adulthood. Even now, I’m still figuring out some of my geniuses, you know, or talents or gifts. So that’s why I’m still on a continual journey myself, and that’s why I’m also passionate about helping women there so that they get connected to the how unique they are, how brilliant and beautiful they are, you know, because think was that. How’s that genie in the bottle?

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:08:03] Oh, I Love that concept. When you mentioning about that, that that genius, you know, like, there will will be time even for myself. Also, I did experience that sometimes, you know, like someone. Someone will like telling me, Hey, Yasmin, do you know that you’re very creative person, You know, like you are smart, those kind of thing. But you never thought about that, you know, like, seriously, Really? And I’m not so sure. So what is this actually happening when you you mentioning that? Is it like because of the society that is like shutting you off, like don’t go too far or you just too loud? Um, what do you think about that?

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:08:39] Um, I think it’s a lot of things and think what you mentioned has relevance to it because, um, we two things actually doubt and fear is our biggest enemy, especially when I grew up. My dad will condition me. Nora, you have to be a lawyer. Be a lawyer. Be a lawyer. Okay, so what does a lawyer do? You know? So I still find that if you ask children. What do you want to be when they grow up? You know, then. Then they’ll say, okay, you must be a lawyer, be a doctor, be an engineer. Which is still which is still, um, what’s the word? Prevail prevalence. Now people still do that. Be a lawyer, be an engineer. But sebenarnya, we do not want to be that. Okay. I never. I don’t even know what a lawyer is. And because I don’t know what I’m good at yet. So when that happens. Um, you’re you’re being told, uh, you’re you’re being, uh. Mckenna, uh, you feel small because, you know, you don’t want to be a lawyer, and you’re. I’m not a good student, a brilliant student, so there’s no way I can be a lawyer. A lawyer? I’m a nobody. Okay. Yeah. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I pass my exam, you know, So don’t want to do it. So every time you. You don’t pass the subjects, your parents will tell you, Oh, look at your cousin. Look at your sister. You know that’s where you should be. Then come your uncle, your uncle during maca. So how was your exam? How was your exam? Oh, my God. I just want to hide. Okay. We not talk about results. Okay. So to to to. To show that I want to be something else.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:10:23] But you’re not allowing me to be something else. Let me explore. So because of that, I want to llamas when I was younger. Okay. But, you know, because of that, people think that I’m rebellious, okay. Don’t want to do what they want me to do, but can’t say anything because again. So how do you voice out? But still thought, hey, you know, don’t force me to be anything. I’ll be what I want to be Now I’ll find my way there. Which is so true. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Steven Jobs. Quote. Okay. He said, Let me be exactly what he said. Um, you can’t connect the dots looking forward. Okay. You can only connect them looking backwards. So he said you have to trust the dots will somehow connect in your future. Okay. Trust in something. Trust your gut. Trust your feelings and whatnot, he said. Because that’s what got him where he is today. So when I heard that last year, I sat down and looked at my life backwards because I’m like measuring my milestone now. Okay. I’m measuring my milestones. Like, hey, you know, there are a lot of things that I did before as a trainer. Um, did other things. I failed. Okay. But when I look back at the things that were important to me. Yes, my dots are connected. I know there’ll be more connections. Maybe when I’m 60. Looking back, when I’m 70, looking back right now, my dots are connected, and I think I’ve found my purpose. Um. What? I’m passionate about my values, so. But like I said, I’m still, um. Self-discovery journey. This.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:12:08] This is so interesting. Yeah. Yeah. I think, like, this is so interesting. Um, Nora, because we are so conditioned into thinking, like, even like, as a coach or whoever, as a human being, people say, like, just don’t look at the past, don’t look at the past. Yeah, but in a way that you’re saying it in like different perspective, you know, sometimes you have to go and look at the past so that you will understand better in a way that how you move forward in terms of your future. I love that quote. I’m going to have that on the wall.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:12:38] Actually, I think he did a speech at one of, um, university graduation, I’m not mistaken. So maybe you can YouTube and listen to it. But that actually connected me to something. So back to your question, yes, we are conditioned because we want we our parents want us to be what they cannot be. But no, it’s all in their best interests because they feel that I mean, they did what they did. They could do best. You know, remember, we spoke about this last time. You know, our parents only know what was best for us then. They want to protect us. They want us to live a good life. Have. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Because buy a house, Have a fat bank account. Yeah.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:13:22] They love us. That’s the thing. Yeah, they love it. They want. They love us. They want us to be more secure, those kind of thing. But as what you’re saying, you know, like being conditioned, you know, it’s not just by our family, but sometimes by a society can be. Sometimes you can feel that it’s just a struggle. Um, especially, I think, in our culture as a woman. Yeah. Asian culture, you know how you see it. I still remember, you know, like you’re wearing skirt. You’re supposed to sit this way, you know, like, seriously. So tell me more about. Yeah, tell me more about your stories or.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:13:58] Your family where a very modest short one. So, no, we don’t wear shorts at home, which means you don’t wear shorts outside. If you wear shorts at home, you don’t wear shorts when your dad’s home. You know, uh, my father got so. But that’s respect. And we are we were taught like that. So we were conditioned to hold around to, you know, respect for the elderlies. So kind of grew up with that. But the only thing that was rebellious in China. But when you look back. If you if you listen to Steve Jobs, he left. Can’t remember. Can’t remember. Yeah. Yeah. The company and Apple and hey, there was the reason he left. So for me, there was a reason I didn’t do all those things. I found my passion or my purpose very late in life. But there was. I think everything happens for a reason when I look back. Yeah, the dots do join the dots and join and being parents and have four lovely kids that I adore. Uh, 30 plus and the youngest is 25. So I always tell them, do what you love because I’m not going to force them to be parents. Being a mom told my son, you have to be go be an engineer, go to Germany, learn the language, do it for a long time until one. Yeah. Ask Does he want to be an engineer?

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:15:21] I said, don’t use it.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:15:23] So why have you been so quiet? You know? But me telling you to be an engineer. Go to Germany. Education is free, you know. Because I don’t want to be.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:15:34] Now we can started to realize, like, whoops, I sound like my mom or my dad. Yeah.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:15:41] Yeah. My kids to explore what they want to do. So my son is in math form and he left his work as like, wow, you left in the midst of the lockdown and whatnot. Okay, but say it’s his journey, you know it’s not mine anymore. Yeah, I’m just there to help him if he wants help. But you rarely do love from parents. But it’s doing so far. Okay. A tumor generating the money to belum lagi. But I think it’s it’s kind of found his why is good at so you know like that let them do what they do maybe they are not in the right job right now but yeah they love doing what they’re doing. Let them explore, you know.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:16:24] So I guess it’s kind of like a learning process also. Yeah, no, because whatever that you’re sharing is just resonate with me as well. Because I just had this conversation with my daughter. She was like 19 years old and all of a sudden she said, Mom, mom, back off. You know you are planning my life. I was like, Seriously? I was shocked during that time. But now I understand, you know, like I do resonate with what you saying, because when I was young, my dad has this expectation that I must become a doctor because my father wouldn’t be able he doesn’t have that chances to become a doctor. So he has a doctor, so he has the expectation on me. So I totally resonate with that as well. So Nora, let’s go back in time of your amazing metamorphosis, metaphorical journey and the genius. So share with us also, you know, when you mentioning that feeling that stuck or that that genius. So what is actually happening? You know, is there any struggle or challenges during that time that you feel that you couldn’t explore more in terms of the genie inside you?

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:17:30] Okay. You know, we were trainers 1994 back then, But, you know, I thought, I want to venture outside. Don’t want to work 9 to 5. I don’t like 9 to 5. Okay. That’s just not Nora. Yeah. So thought so, uh, no structure.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:17:46] Yeah. Nora, no structure. Just throw me anywhere I can survive, man.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:17:49] Yeah, because I used to be go with the flow kind of person. And then when I found what I want, I was in flow. Okay, so that works for me. I’m not saying it works for everyone. That’s my philosophy. But for me it has worked. Uh, so for those listening, be in the flow, not go with the flow. Love that because want to make more money actually, you know. So money was my purpose that time, but it didn’t take me anywhere. Lost money, you know, in the journey of trying to find me, you know. So after while I know it was training, but like you say, I doubt myself. Can I make money with training? How much do they pay you per day? You know, then you know, how much do you get? So I tried everything else, like insurance and unit trust. I did everything else. But, you know, I told myself that if I give up, this is not working for me because it didn’t align with me. Um, and I said, okay, I’ve got to go back to training. So in two 2207 training came back to me. I managed to go back because, uh, to go into training in corporate, you’ve got to have some hunger to go back to the basics. Like you have to go start training again. So I trained like, um, I train local graduates who are leaving their universities under a government project in self-development. Okay. Resume writing interview skills. So that’s why I said the dots somehow connects. So you see that I’m doing here now, but a little bit different because graduates don’t they want to go out, so they’re not sure of the soft skills and whatnot. So, um, so when money was my purpose, I didn’t align with me of course, within actual money.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:19:35] Definitely.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:19:36] But somehow when you are driven by passion, the money comes, you will take time.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:19:42]  i also agree with you.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:19:45] Yeah, that has to work for me. So, you know, even when I was a career transition, I still doubt myself. This is what I want to do. It’s so mundane. Everything the same thing, the same thing, you know, it’s about how do you look at it and how do you change that to work for you? I think last year, because I was like, I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to do something else. So I said, Why don’t do very transition life alignment? Because it aligns a lot of people. The genie in the bottle talks about us who feel that we have no skills. Okay, When you talk to clients and you said, Uh oh. What are the skills you have? No, I don’t have skills. Are you sure you don’t have skills? You’ve worked for so long? Can we sit down and unpack that and we go back to what? What have you accomplished in your working world, you know, or. And then we unpack that as well. So then they realize we have skills. I have skills, you know, So skills need the ability where we think that we don’t have. Yeah. Until someone rubs it the land and then the genie comes. Oh, I do have it. Yeah. Yeah. Just like me. Um, didn’t think training was. But, like, you ask me what you can do this your creative. There are a lot of people come to me still didn’t believe myself. Mhm. It took a while.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:21:12] It took a while. Yeah.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:21:12] Plus plus. Think. Also had a session with you many years ago. I wanted to be validated. You know, I want people to appreciate that. Oh, yes, you can do that. Go on. Go ahead. I’m here to cheer you. Exactly.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:21:24] Yeah.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:21:26] Of course. The closest one.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:21:27] And yeah. For you.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:21:29] Yeah. So the genie is locked because we ourselves feel and doubt ourselves.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:21:34] That is our biggest obstacle.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:21:37] And you, you don’t bring the genie out. You will be stuck there.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:21:43] You can’t imagine stuck forever.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:21:46] Yeah. Yeah. And then sometimes you feel a lot Of help from you as well, you know?

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:21:50] Oh, thank you for that.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:21:52] And I realized, Dr. Yasmin, that you told me I don’t need anyone’s permission because I have that. And I was haunted by it for many years, you know. So when you when was a gentle whisper to, hey, wake up, you know, you don’t need the people around you to tell you what you’re good at. You don’t need them to tell you. It’s nice to have people tell you, hey, fantastic work, you know? But yeah. Does that mean that my genie won’t come out if people don’t tell me that? Do I have to wait for someone to talk to? I have to wait for someone to rub my bottom. Yeah. No, Now I can take my genie out or genius out. When I want to.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:22:34] And that’s what you’re saying. Also, I totally resonate with it. You know, like it’s not about people telling us as what you’re mentioning just now that validation is also valuable. We are human beings, you know? Yeah, it’s not just about telling you, Hey, you’re good at this or not, but it includes that, that feeling that needs, you know, I just need, you know, someone just please let me know, you know, like you are just a human being also. And I love that that connection. When you mentioning about that fear and self-doubt and think like all the listeners out there, um, you know, I think it’s resonate with them also, even for myself, even until today when I wanted to do this podcast, I still have that Self-doubt and fear. I was like telling myself, Oh gosh, I’m going to mumble. I have no idea. Uh, but as what you’re saying, you know, like. Probably it could be. I mean, like one of the reasons why some people just feeling, you know, stuck and they will allow their genie or their genius in the bottle. So what is your, you know, um, sharing in terms of about this fear and self-doubt. How, how do you, how do we tackle it? You know, like everyone know, I mean, for myself also the moment when I wanted to do something, sometimes you feel you just feel the energy like that, that self-doubt, you know, just don’t do it. You’re not good enough, you know? So. So how are you going to face or to tackle with that specific feeling?

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:24:00] Okay. Um, you can do. I’ve got three tips, actually, how to get your genie out of the bottle, so. Okay. It’ll be very.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:24:08] Valuable.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:24:09] Yeah. Number one, when you are working on a project or something that’s dear to your heart, obviously you’ll be passionate about it or purposeful about it. Let the genie come out. Okay? Let it do the Of course, intention is very important for me. Um, there’s another topic altogether, but intention versus goal. So that if you put that okay tomorrow I want my genie to come out. Okay. So Genie, please come out. So rub your bottle or tell yourself that you know, and when you’re working on a project, okay, what can I do here? Uh, how do I bring my genius inside here? Okay. Um, that’s how I work as well. I sometimes get training, things that just given to me on the spot or two days, two days, three days to prepare. It’s like, okay, what am I going to do here? So just sit down and let it flow, let it come out. So that’s that’s one of the ways. Okay, so let it out and don’t keep it cooped up in the bottle because your genie needs fresh air also. Okay. And. Okay. Um, and then. Okay, there’s another one that dropped down as well. Okay. Now. Uh.Okay. The other one is when you’re feeling down, remember that your genie is always there for you because your genie is you. Do you know that you are the genie in your own bottle? You have trapped yourself for so long. You could so let it out. It’s always there for you. Ask your genie. Ask yourself, What do I do now? What can I do better? What did I do last time? You know, how can I put myself more of myself into this? Because genie in the bottle and the metaphor around it is about bringing out your brilliance, tapping into your inner genius. Okay. That’s been trapped for so long. And we all have that. And the reason I was inspired actually by I don’t know if you heard this author released, your brilliant Simon Bailey. He said you were you were born I think you were born not to fit in, but you were born to be brilliant or.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:26:24] Wow, that’s so powerful.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:26:26] So when we go back to why we don’t want to do why we don’t want to come out, you know, because people judge us. Yeah. People me and be envious of our brilliance. We keep quiet, you know, don’t want to show off, so don’t do something. So a lot of things and he said even in. Okay, there’s another one. When you release your brilliance, you don’t work a job. You fulfill your purpose. Oh. It’s just amazing. Yeah, you can read. That book actually inspired me when I was in career transition. There’s a lot more to being human, you know? Yeah. With lust or with. We’re so mechanical sometimes, you know? Yeah. So mechanical that we’ve got to go back to who we are. Guess it’s very.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:27:14] Yeah, go for it.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:27:16] Uh, Ashley Stahl, who’s also an author, like she wrote the book U-turn. Okay. You are unsure what to do with your career. She says you realize you don’t need clarity. You just need to connect to yourself. What’s true right now? What lights you up? Because it’s not that we don’t have clarity. I also have realized that it’s not we’re not connected to who we are. We want to be someone else. We want to fit in. We want to put on that mask. I want to be Dr. Yasmin, but I’m not Dr. asking you what you want.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:27:47] That certainty. You know, like, whatever things that you want to do. I mean, like a human being, we want something certain. You know, we want the answer in front of us as as what you’re saying. And also, you know, that conversation in in our mind, you know, with that self doubt and inner critics, it will always be there no matter in whatever phases it will come back. You know, like once in a while it will it will come back. So I love it. It will keep it will be there forever, even.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:28:18] Even for this podcast. Yeah. Okay. No, I saw the dates and said, okay, I’m going to be busy. Then I’ve got to pick a date. Oh my God, it’s 25th. Like, what am I going to, you know, say? But yeah, actually helped with the structure. Okay, then say, okay, what am I going to talk about? Yeah. So that’s when the genie came out and said, What about Genie in the bottle? Yeah. You know, so, so true. So, yeah, I’m. I guess my first podcast as well. So excited about it.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:28:49] So I have to acknowledge You mean like well done for putting your hands up, You know, like I’ve got to say, well done to myself. Also. You know, like because I was like questioning myself, why am I doing all this? You know, like, but then as what you were saying, you know, that that fulfillment, um, I totally agree. You know, sometimes we have no idea, you know, like trying to connect the dots as what you’re saying. I was, like, thinking the same thing as well. So why are we doing all this? So instead of keep on asking why, you know, just just allow it, you know, don’t have any expectation. You never know. You know, you never know. Whatever things that we do could could benefit us or could benefit someone else in the future, isn’t it.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:29:31] Because when you’re when you can when you know what your brilliance is and it comes out, then you know, that’s when you can contribute to others as well. So they can also shine, you know, they can also shine the way to help other people as well. Yeah. Another thing that another tip that I have, I started this two weeks ago, my morning ritual. Okay. My 2023 as I have no New Year’s resolution. Remember me? The go with the flow and the flow person thought, okay, I don’t have any what am I going to do this year? And 1st January 2023 was just like December, got with another friend of mine and we started a morning ritual chat challenge habit for 21 days. And I tell you, if you do not know where your genius is, start doing that because it has changed a lot of things for me. Okay last few days holiday and so that break gave me also a observation of what did not happen when to my money.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:30:33] Yes. Yes. The book is not about getting up. It’s about remember we spoke about this feeling you fill up your cup first before you fill up other people’s cup. Okay, So I’ve filled up my cup morning to my mom. No looking at phone, nothing. Nothing or that. Go for a walk. Came back, but the day changed. You know, the more I think, the more you realize that you can do more. You can be more. Yeah. So that’s something that to take out your genius as well. You never know. Your genie might come out, but it’s a process. Dr. Yasmin It’s not. Yeah. Okay. Tap into it and the genie comes out. No, it’s a it’s a journey.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:31:10] Yeah. You just got to trust the process.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:31:13] Yeah. So self-development was a is a journey, okay? You just have to trust Yourself and trust yourself.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:31:21] Oh, that’s so amazing. That’s so beautiful, Nora. Yeah, you reminded me because I can’t even remember what I remember. What? We had that conversation, you know, like, but I. I also love when you mentioning about that that morning rituals, because I do that for many, many years already. I guess it’s more about as what you’re saying, you know, like apart from the habit. But for me it’s more about reflection. So I love that. So I just need to have that time off for myself just to reflect on myself. It’s not so much about criticizing myself, you know, Definitely there will be times where, okay, I’m doing this, I shouldn’t do that anymore, but it’s just that it gives you different energy and then it’s kind of like you have that time or moment where you you connect with yourself and then you understand and you know yourself better.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:32:04] Yeah, Yeah. And when you don’t do it, you like, okay, either you feel guilty, but you don’t kill yourself for it, you know? Yeah. Okay. Tomorrow I can do more. And I didn’t do it for the last four days because holiday and stuff or not. But I’ll start again tomorrow, so it’s okay to take a break. Remember, it’s for you. It’s not for the world. It’s for you.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:32:23] Yeah, definitely.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:32:24] And I always tell people, um, a few other of my clients that I tell them to do that. It’s not about the money, Rachel. It’s about what comes. What comes during the day, you know?

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:32:37] Yeah.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:32:37] And that’s something that no one can give you. Okay. Um. Yeah, experience it. So probably be. It’s going to be a 21 day thing and we’re testing it out. Maybe we’ll start a community of morning rituals for ladies. Oh.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:32:53] Oh, that’s awesome. I would love to. Our own experience. Can I join? Oh, of.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:32:58] Course. My accountant accountability buddy is, uh. But isazai. Oh, that’s wonderful. So we all connected, so. Yeah, we can start it.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:33:08] Yeah, definitely. Yeah, definitely. So thank you, Nora, for all these beautiful sharing. Goodness me, It’s very, very inspirational. So I’m sure the listener out there will gain a lot of values, you know, like a lot of away from, from our conversation today. Um, anything that you would love to add in, um, you know, to share with the listeners, particularly when you share about this metaphorical of Genie in the Bottle.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:33:35] Yeah. Um. Do you know that you are that genie in the bottle? So, you know, do what you need to do to bring it out. Okay. Um. It’s a process. And like I said, it’s not going to start. It’s not going to be tomorrow. My genie is coming out. No, just observe what you’re doing. Connect the dots. And lastly, step out of smallness into greatness. That’s when the genie comes out in your brilliance.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:34:06] This is just beautiful. Nora Yeah.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:34:08] Yeah. Because, you know, when you’re in the bottle, you feel small, but, you know, the genie comes out. And you. Become big and giant.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:34:15] Yeah.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:34:17] But see that the female genie or just.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:34:20] Yeah. We just got to figure out, you know, how to crack that bottle. That’s it. You know, just. Just do it. Crack. Smash that bottle. It’s already time.

Nora Mohd Nor: [00:34:30] Yeah. Know put your soul into what you do and they’ll come out.

Dr. Yasmin Raja: [00:34:36] Yeah. Thank you so much, Nora. Again, such a pleasure. You know, to to to share this together with the listeners. So for the listeners out there, I hope you enjoy our sharing today. So thank you so much everyone for. This has been a story of community resilience by three triple Z. Thank you for listening. Want to gain more podcast experience? Have you got a story to share? For more information, email podcasts at three. Z z. Z.com.