Voluntary assisted dying, and palliative care can work well together, but some people are still excluded from the choice of a legal and supported voluntary death. And this is the reason behind Dying to Know, a campaign held every August to “empower Australians at all stages of life to live and die well”. A national webinar was held on August 2 2023, and additional events will run across Australia for the rest of the month.

The campaign aims to encourage ‘tough conversations’ about possible courses of action for future planning. Radio Adelaide’s Nicky Page spoke with organizers of the event including Dr Linda Swan CEO of GoGentle Australia, to find out more…

For more information about the webinar, and for resources about the difference between Palliative care and voluntary assisted dying, you can visit gogentleaustralia.org.au.

Image: Image courtesy Getty Images

Produced By: Nicky Page

Featured In Story: Dr Linda Swan CEO of GoGentle Australia

First aired on The Wire, Friday 4 August 2023