There are growing calls for an end to logging in the Newry State Forest in New South Wales.

Protestors, environmentalists and now politicians have called for an end to tree felling, but today a voluntary suspension of the activity by the New South Wales Land and Environment Court has come to an end.

There are concerns around preserving culture but also preserving Koalas in an area promised as Koala Reserve by the State Government, ahead of this year’s state elections.

Image: Photo by Ellicia on Unsplash

Produced By: Ash Taylor, Ben Lewis, and Amanda Copp

Featured In Story: Al Oshlack – Advocate from the Indigenous Justice Advocacy Network , Karl Vernes – Professor at the School of Environmental and Rural Science from the University of New England , Sean OShannessy – Activist and Environmentalist , and Dr Sophie Scamps – Independent MP for Mackellar

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 5 September 2023