3ZZZ, Melbourne’s vibrant ethnic community radio station, has always been a champion of inclusivity, diversity, and social progress. As the Voice Referendum approaches, 3ZZZ takes a resounding stand in support of the YES vote, advocating for a more inclusive and representative democracy that empowers First Nations Australians. With its unique platform, 3ZZZ is not only informing but also amplifying the voices that deserve to be heard.

The Voice Referendum is a critical milestone on the path toward reconciliation and seeks to embed a constitutionally recognized Voice to Parliament for First Nations Australians. It aims to provide an avenue for  First Nations communities to have a direct say in decisions that affect their lives, cultures, and futures. 3ZZZ’s commitment to representing the diverse multicultural fabric of Australia makes it a natural advocate for this important cause.

Since its establishment, 3ZZZ has been a space for ethnic communities to share their stories, cultures, and concerns. With over 60 language and community groups and 120 programs, the station plays a crucial role in promoting understanding and unity among diverse groups. By supporting the YES vote for the Voice Referendum, 3ZZZ extends its advocacy beyond language and culture, championing a cause that aligns with its core values of fairness and inclusivity.

3ZZZ’s support for the YES vote in the Voice Referendum embodies its commitment to amplifying marginalized voices and fostering a more inclusive society. As a dynamic community radio station, 3ZZZ not only informs but also empowers its listeners to engage with and support initiatives that promote social progress and justice. Through its advocacy, 3ZZZ contributes to the ongoing journey of reconciliation and nation-building in Australia.

For more information about why Multicultural Australia is supporting the Voice, visit https://www.multiculturalforvoice.org/.