For two decades now, a powerful voice for independent journalism has been gracing the airwaves of community radio across Australia. That voice belongs to The Wire, a national current affairs program that has become a cornerstone of informed discussion and a launchpad for aspiring journalists.

Here at 3ZZZ, we’re thrilled to be celebrating The Wire’s 20th anniversary! Back in 2004, a program called Undercurrents, produced by 2SER with the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF), transformed into The Wire. This marked the beginning of a collaborative effort that continues to this day.

The program quickly expanded its reach, with Radio Adelaide and 4EB Brisbane joining 2SER in managing The Wire. Today, 3ZZZ Melbourne is proud to stand alongside these esteemed stations, playing a vital role in bringing The Wire to our listeners. The program is distributed through the Community Radio Network and continues to be proudly funded by the CBF.

Over the years, The Wire has established itself as the flagship current affairs offering for the community broadcasting sector. It tackles critical national issues, offering a platform for diverse perspectives often unheard in mainstream media. But The Wire’s impact goes beyond insightful reporting. It serves as a springboard for emerging and student journalists, nurturing new talent and enriching the media landscape.

Station Manager Jon King expressed 3ZZZ’s pride in being associated with The Wire: “The program exemplifies the very core values of community radio: providing a platform for independent voices and fostering a culture of informed citizenship. We at 3ZZZ are honoured to be part of The Wire’s journey, and we look forward to many more years of exceptional current affairs broadcasting.”