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Radio 3ZZZ offers a unique brand of  promotion opportunities that focus on  multicultural demographics and ethno-specific language terms.

3ZZZ community  radio  specialises  in broadcasting to non- English speaking audiences and to listeners  who use English as a second language. 3ZZZ broadcasts  provide  Melbourne’s ethnic communities information and communication in their own language.

In brief, 3ZZZ FM’s  multicultural radio 24 hour broadcast of over  58 langages covers metropolitan Melbourne, the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsula and part of north, east and  west country Victoria. We know from reliable feedback and practical experience that our listeners come from diverse cultural backgrounds  from early teens, family groups to professionals and retirees. 

The  majority of our 400,000 listeners per week in the  broader culturally diverse community enjoy  good disposable incomes and lifestyles,  allowing them the opportunity to purchase family  homes, vehicles, investments, white goods, entertainment and especially, travel. To tap into this  market 3ZZZ is the  ideal vehicle to drive  your  on-air promotion..

For prospective  sponsors and  advertisers, it is as  easy as  picking  up the telephone  or sending us an email. 3ZZZ provides translation, production and scheduling to ensure that each promotion campaign is cost effective and demographically relevant across a broad spectrum of listeners, while maintaining the cultural values of the target market without the high costs  associated with commercial radio.

3ZZZ  presents a  unique  opportunity to promote products and services in a particular language,  a  multitude  of languages,  or in English (run of station) across the board to thousands  of  listeners – There are  many  options and choices through 3ZZZ which can enhance a marketing campaign directed to 1.6 million Victorian listeners each month.

Call us for conversation and a no-obligation quote, you will be surprised how  little  it  costs to begin achieving results.

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