Speak My Language (Disability) is a groundbreaking national initiative featuring culturally diverse Australians sharing real stories, experiences and tips about living well with disability in over 20 languages.

Through over 400 podcasts and radio, Speak My Language (Disability) harnesses the power of storytelling to share the personal experiences, skills and talents of people living with disability. 

Other interviews with guest speakers present information about inclusive places, activities, resources and opportunities that help to build fulfilment and wellbeing.

3ZZZ, in partnership the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria, is broadcasting conversations in Arabic, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.



Tiếng Việt


Speak My Language (Disability) is funded by Commonwealth Department of Social Services. The program is being led by the Ethnic Communities Council of New South Wales and is proudly delivered via an historic partnership between all State and Territory Ethnic and Multicultural Communities’ Councils across Australia.

Learn more about Speak My Language (Disability) on speakmylanguage.com.au