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Radio 3ZZZ – German Group

Hans-Peter Lang

Hans-Peter has been a broadcaster with 3ZZZ since 2001 and took over the role as convenor in 2008.

He presents the German Club News on Thursday mornings, alternating with Siegfried and Rudi, as well as broadcasting every third Monday night of the month. Sports – namely Bundesliga – and the automotive industry are the main focus on these nights, accompanied by mostly Bavarian ‘zümpftiger’ music. Hans-Peter always seems to be in high spirits – could it be, because as a Bayern Munich fan he has nothing to complain about?

Wolfgang Zopf

Since 2010 Wolfgang keeps Hans-Peter company on every third Monday night of the month.

For many years he had been working in the automotive Industry and enriches the programme with his expertise. Any car related questions? Just call during these programmes – Wolfgang will most certainly have an answer!

Siegfried Sundermann

Siggi certainly has the gift of the gab and is always joking around – that is what he is known for, apart from riding a motorcycle! Since 1993 he amuses listeners on Thursday mornings with the German Club News – alternating with Hans-Peter and Rudi. As deputy convenor he is an immense help to Hans-Peter!  

Rosemarie und Erich Rollfink

Who hasn’t heard of them, our Rollfinks? Rosemarie and Erich can still remember the times, when Radio 3ZZZ broadcasted from the cellars of the Trades Hall in Carlton! Since 1991 they have been a part of the team and shouldn’t they be on one of their trips, they delight listeners twice a month. Every third and fourth Tuesday night they make everybody feel welcome with entertaining ‘Volksmusik’ and popular ‘Schlager’.

Karin Costenoble, Angelika Hinz und Nadja Mack

Karin, Angie and Nadja are ‘The Wave riders on your wavelength’ so to speak – easily recognized by their intro song ’Die Wellenreiter’ by Sportfreunde Stiller. It’s been more than 10 years that this team meets in good spirits to deliver you a display of modern music every first Tuesday night of the month. Their favourite topics are not only movie- and book-reviews, but also latest events in Germany and Melbourne. 

Erika und Joachim Raschke

They are renowned for being true experts on classical music and our audience is always looking forward to listening to both Erika and Joachim. Every first Monday night of the month they present their very popular operettas, spiced with historical background information. Since 2011 they are part of the team and whenever there is a fifth Tuesday in the month they prepare an hour of ‘Volksmusik’.

Uwe Jacobs

Uwe broadcasts once a month, since the end of 2013 – together with Peter Reiprich. Every second Monday night of the month belongs to him. His programmes are filled with TRIVIA questions and the latest info from the football world, not to mention heaps of entertaining music. He is quite happy to receive telephone calls while the music plays and tries to fulfil musical requests.    

Peter Reiprich

Peter has been a part of the German team at 3ZZZ since 1991. Over the years he has had a couple of different studio partners, which has never seemed to bother him, and with Uwe these two delightful sports fans have found each other. Peter is THE most passionate football fan and supports the Melbournian club ‘Alemannia Richmond SC‘.

Rudi Vanderstraeten

The former aircraft engineer easily managed the technical side of broadcasting – the control panel – and his pleasant voice reaches listeners since 2014. Alternating with Hans-Peter and Siegfried, he broadcasts on Thursday mornings. Rudi presents the German Club News in an easy-going manner, accompanied by snappy dance music – and that is no wonder, as he is a member of the German Carnival Club ‘Treue Husaren’.   

Carsten Johow

Carsten is our very own nautical broadcaster and even wears two different socks in the studio, as to remember which side is larboard and which is starboard! Since 2011 he can be listened to on every second Tuesday night of the month, with his ‘Hafenkonzert’ and many a yarn. On his numerous trips he always carries his voice recorder as to not miss any opportunity for an interview, which he then presents in his programme.

Ute Haberberger

With her programme, always based around a different topic, Ute tries to reach listeners of all generations. The selection of music relates to the topics at all times. Whether it is Coffee, Berlin or Astronomy – it is amazing how many matching songs she can find. Ute broadcasts since July 2013, every fourth Monday night of the month and enjoys inviting studio guests much to her audience’s delight.

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